Accessories - Con-cur Dryer Booster Fan Control

If you don't immediately see the right product for your ventilation project, call or e-mail and we will respond quickly and professionally, assisting with cfm calculation, number of air changes required and correct fan sizing.

The same control used in condo/apartment construction, this unit senses as soon as your clothes dryer draws more than 1 amp of current. It automatically turns on the booster fan, eliminating additional sensors, switches or speed controls. When current drops below the pre-set 2-amp threshold, the Con-Cur Dryer Booster Fan Control automatically shuts off the booster fan. Mount it:

1. inside your dryer compartment
2. at the dryer junction box, or
3. at the fuse/breaker panel

The dryer supply neutral (white) wire passes through the current transformer cutout with no physical connection to the control.

IMPORTANT: A licensed electrician is the best person to install this equipment. Be sure to adhere to local provisions and national electrical codes. Verify industry standards prior to installation.